Tourism in Antalya

Nowadays, many settlements, which are among the most important holiday areas in various countries, have become one page with the construction of the accommodation and second houses. The budding of the coasts has attracted attention and has been a subject that many geographers have been focusing on. In this respect, various researchers such as Young (1983) and R.A.Smith (1991) have developed a stages of development according to their observations. It is observed that coastal settlements developed in our country have passed similar stages and acquired similar patterns; 201 While they are small settlements in which other functions are seen in the past, sometimes they lose their properties sometimes partially and sometimes completely and they take the character of a holiday settlement and then they become crowded and grow bigger bazen (Timor, 2004; Dol-dur, 2014; ÷zg¸Á, 2017).

In Antalya, a similar process has taken place and tourism and recreation activities have started to develop in the whole country and it has become a tourism settlement with its various charm elements. In our study, the city of Antalya was considered in terms of tourism development models. Antalya's tourism function started to come to the forefront after the 1950s. However, it is possible to observe that the capacity limits have reached critical levels. However, the. Fashion feature mek that exists in the image of the city should be preserved in the future as it is today. In this study, it is aimed that the settlements that have tourism function come to the fore in order to examine the model modeling models and make self-inferences. At the same time, the direction of these maps will be provided by these examples.