Turkey's Top Tourist Attractions

ISHAKPASA PALACE 5 km from Doubeyaz˝t. The 116 rooms of Ishakpa˛a Palace, which is built on steep rocks, is a building that combines the characteristics of Turkestan, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. PASSES OF CIVILIZATIONS: ıSHAKPAŞA PALACE ANTIQUE BEAUTIFUL ASPENDOS Aspendos is an ancient city famous for its amphitheater. 49 km. is located in the west. A.D. Built by the Romans in the 2nd century, the theater is one of the best preserved old buildings with a capacity of 15 thousand people. CHRISTMAS FATHER CHURCH The Santa Claus Church in Demre, which has an international reputation, and the rock tombs carved into the mountain by the ancient city of Myra are worth seeing. 40 km to Ka˛. is within walking distance. LOOK THE ORDU TO BOZTEPE Ordu is a city where all the beauties of nature are exhibited generously. It has the cleanest sand of the Black Sea and the longest coastline. You can enjoy the city of Boztepe, where the green and the blue are embraced.

A NATURE OF NATURE IN THE ORDU: THURSDAY JOURNEY TO HISTORY IN S÷–İT Sogut, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire for 700 years, is located at 29 km. east of. You can make your way to Sˆ¸t and visit the shrines of Erturul Gazi, Dursun Faki and Şeyh Edebali. TURKEY IN THE SKY THE WORLD IS RECOGNIZING KULTEPE The oldest written sources of Anatolia are 8 km. found in K¸ltepe in the east. K¸ltepe excavations are followed closely by the whole world. 5 THOUSAND YEARS OF TRADE IN THE UNESCO LIST LEAVE A DAY TO IZNIK If your way to Bursa, you should see Iznik. Seljuk and Ottoman monuments to arm to arm in this cute district is an hour away from Bursa. Tiles are also world famous. SEVEN COLORED LAKE The scenery of Lake Eirdir within the borders of Isparta is great every season of the year. The lake, which is generally pine-colored, is; in some days and hours because of the various colors of the people is known as seven-color.