Ihlara Valley

Woodland Church In Ihlara Valley, you will see the AaÁalt˝ Church on your right as you cross the box and go down the stairs. The church, which is the closest to the entrance to the valley, made it the most visited church of the valley. The entrance of the church is on the 2nd Floor where the apse is located and the main entrance is under the ground. According to a rumor that the main entrance to the church was not known in ancient times, the tree branches were entered, so the name of the Tree as the Church remains. Some litarat¸rlerde Danyal Prophet among the lions were shown to be destroyed by the name of the frenery called Saint Daniel, in some of them based on a inscription in the Pantanassa Church was also called. The fact that lions are portrayed is notable for Christians but for Iran.

The freckles of the church are dated to the dark period called the iconoclasm and to the 9th-11th century. The cross arms with three apses and free cross planes were covered with barrel vaults and the main room was covered with a dome. Frescos painted in red, yellow and gray colors on a white background. The cross arm in the north is decorated with herbal and geometric weights and crowd motifs. Hz. Mary was called the íqueen of the heavensë and the Prophet. All the scenes belonging to Mary are divided into two as death and heaven. Immediately to the right of the entrance to the cross of the Migration to Egypt, the Miracle of Lazarus. The Gospel, Birth, Baptism, Revelation, Christ's Ascension is one of the other freks scenes..