Tourism İn İstanbul

Ey¸p Sultan Mosque and Complex: Under the orders of Sultan Mehmed Khan, the building was built between 1453-1459 alongside Kabr-i ŞerÓfin, which honors Istanbul by Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. The complex consists of a mosque, mosque, tomb, madrasah, im‚ret and double bath. He has been reputed in different times. Senen every day, overflowing with visitors, especially during Ramadan, the holy shrine and glass recognized by the Turkish nation, not just in Istanbul, Turkey's even religious visit to the Islamic world is one of the centers. F‚tih Mosque and Complex: It was built by Sultan Mehmed Khan between 1463-1471 years. The complex; mosque, madrasahs, d‚r¸˛˛if‚, tabh‚ne, im‚ret, school, library, bathhouse, saraÁlar bazaar and has been composed of various tombs. F‚tih complex is the first core of Istanbul University. After the preparatory lessons in the madrasa of the schools, the madrasa high-level collection was done. It is the pioneer of classical Ottoman complexes. He has been reputed in different times. In his library there are 10.000 works written and hand written to the Ottoman period. These works are open to readers today at the S¸leymaniye Library.

Mahmud Pasha Mosque and Complex: It was built by Mahmud Pasha in Mahmudpasa district. It consists of mosque, mausoleum, bathhouse, madrasah, school, court, bazaar and construction. At various times, the mosque, which has seen the t‚mir, has reached to the present day a portion of the mosque, tomb, khan, madrasa and the bathhouse. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque and Complex: Edirnekap˝'da K‚n˚nÓ Sultan Suleiman Khan's daughter Mihrimah Sultan was built by the Mus Sinan. It consisted of mosque madrasah, primary school, bath, tomb and shops. It was damaged in 1894.