Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

ıztuzu beach and Dalyanaz˝ Palaj˝ Dalyan Municipality (after Dalyan became a city, Dalyan Municipality has been closed and it has been connected to Dalyan Ortaca district) and it is operated by the Municipality of Dalyan. But for every 2 beaches rent is paid to the Special Environmental Protection Agency. Why? Special Environmental Protection Area. There is still no law, but the right to use these areas by the decree issued in 1988 under the presidency of Turgut ÷zal was given to the Special Environmental Protection Agency, called ÷«KK! They are renting to the owner of the sand, the people of Dalyan!

After being operated by private individuals for 12 years, the Municipality of Dalyan was able to take back from various struggles. Even the mayor had to move to the ruling party. This was the headline for the newspapers. The president was able to get the beach back, but he did not run again in the next election. Environmental protection and beach rent is not very understandable, but the Municipality of Dalyan, in order to get back to the beach within the boundary was willing to pay rent. Perhaps if the municipality paid rent, the services on the beach and the prices of food and drink would be much cheaper. (Even if the beach enterprises are allocated to private companies with tenders for close to government in a rant of interest for close to five years, these wrong decisions are returned from the district administrative courts with the intensive work of local people and NGOs.)