Mount Nemrut

East-West Civilization, 2150 m. The intersection point of a magnificent pyramid at height is Nemrut, the eighth wonder of the world. It is located in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, with its ten meters long monumental statues and meters of length. For two thousand years the sunrise and sunset was 2150 m. In order to unravel the secrets of the giant giant statues, it is necessary to discover KOMMAGENE CIVILIZATION.

who served as military adviser to the Ottoman Empire and historical monuments interested German officer Helmut von Moltke, during his research in the region in 1838, gave information about the historic ruins in the region "Status and Events About write in Turkey" for some reason the statues on Mount Nemrut in his book German Engineer Karl Sester, who first spoke about the works at the summit of Mount Nemrut and who predicted that they were from the Assyrians, was the German engineer for road construction in Diyarbakir in 1881. The team, headed by the young scientist Otto Punchtein, who was sent to the area by the Royal Academy for research in accordance with the information given by Sester, works on the monumental statues and reliefs on the terraces of the tumulus and tumulus on the east and west sides of the tumulus and Mount Nemrut. Punchstein, who solved the Greek written inscription after long studies, discovered that these works belonged to the Commagene Civilization and were built by the King of Commagene Antiochos 1. The inscription written from Antiochus contains the secret of Mount Nemrud and the laws of Antiochos.