The legend that gave its name to ÷l¸deniz The name Belcek˝z is also based on a legend. In ancient times, the ships passing through the open anchor and drinking water to take the shore shore. One day when a young, handsome son of a former captain rises to the water to see the beautiful Belcek˝z'˝ sees. As soon as he sees it, he's shot. The fire falls on the girl's heart. But the boy must take the water and return. The ship goes away. Belcek˝z always sees the coast, loves her lover. The young man also comes to take water from each passage of the ship. So they meet, they make love.

One day when the ship passes through, the storm explodes. Young, his father here sheltered, as the pool tells a bay. The old wolf, on the other hand, knows the adventure of his son. She thinks you're willing to smash the ship so she can see her boyfriend's lover. The fight with the waves also grows between the father and son. While the ship will hit the cliffs, the captain throws his son into the sea with a shovel and clings to the rudder, seeing the situation. The sea turns into a cove. The boy dies there. Belcek˝z waiting on the rocks that he loves and throws himself out of the rocks. Belcek˝z where the girl died that day, the place where the boy died is called Oludeniz. According to the progress of the day, the color of the sea is changing and perhaps a boy is burning a girl.