Yacht Tourism

The most important institution that can work effectively in the recognition and development of yacht tourism in a country is the marina enterprises in that country. At this point, the issue of marketing of marina businesses is on the agenda. In this study, the development of yacht tourism in the Mediterranean is briefly mentioned. and at which point the Mediterranean countries share their share in this development. After determining the position of Turkey in the Mediterranean; The methods used in the marketing of the marina business in Turkey, the factors to be considered, researched and evaluated. For this purpose, a survey was prepared and sent to the marinas. Using the results of the surveys and surveys; SWOT analysis is to determine the position of the marinas and yacht tourism Yacht Tourism in Turkey is made. Positioning in the SWOT analysis was a guide for the Marketing Mix. In the Marketing Mix section; proposals for the marketing of yacht tourism in Turkey and marina businesses are given.

The marinas. Marina marketing In this study, the development of the country is in progress. Mediterranean, the factors used to be taken into consideration. For this purpose, a questionnaire was prepared and sent to marinas. Turkish definition by Tureng Online Dictionary, Turkish. The Swot Analysis. Marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing